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This World that Our Children Will Inherit…

Dec 2, 2015 | News

Today another “mass shooting” has taken place in the United States. Apparently there have been more shootings per day in 2015 than there have been days of the year so far. That’s not a good statistic. The mainstream media’s talking points either continually steer us toward enforcing more gun control, push a political agenda, or they instill fear in us from a specific ethnicity, religion, or group. It’s always trying to guide us or pit us against each other, divide us in every way. Every single day there’s more atrocities committed that they are more than happy to fill us in on, over and over until we can pretty much recite the whole dialog by heart. And I’m tired of listening to it…

This is today’s world though. Fear everything. Complain if anything offends you, no matter how minor it is. “This is the beginning of World War III” — “We’re living in the end times.” Be too afraid to venture out and live your life, “just keep fixated to this television screen and listen to us and you’ll be alright.” *wink and smile*

I’m a huge tech enthusiast but honestly I’m so sick of the world we live in today. I would /love/ for us to go back to a time where we weren’t bombarded by all of this constant propaganda and fearmongering every time we look at our phone, tablet, computer, or television screens, even if it’s just for a second. I wish I were raising my children during the time period my parents raised me, or even better, back when they were being raised. Back when we Americans helped each other, when we had respect for our elders, when we were courteous, when we all actually gave a crap about our country and its morals, back when we could say “God Bless America” and not worry about  “offending” someone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so naive that I think that life was perfect back then — we’re talking about humans here, everything we adult-versions of our species do usually yields a total fail — but our country as a whole definitely had a lot more values back then, and at least wasn’t so flipping sensitive about everything. Back then your word was your bond, and that was something that actually held true. That doesn’t exist today, unless you get it in writing…and even then, sometimes they can weasel out of it. And that is sad. Everyone wants to screw everyone else over to get more, have more, make more…

I’ve been sick with a pretty gnarly chest cold for going on 5 days now and you know what my almost-three-year-old boys worry about every morning?: “Daddy, you not sick anymore??” That’s what they’ve asked me every-single-morning this week so far, as well as multiple times throughout the day each day. If I say “nah guys, I’m still not feeling well” do you know how they respond? They kiss me on the head or the arm and go “There, I make you feel better, daddy.” That’s what we’re missing in this world.

These boys, like all innocent children, have a genuine love and compassion for others. They want everyone around them to be happy and healthy at all times, even if they don’t understand the ins-and-outs of what goes into all of that to make it happen. They just love — simply and genuinely. Our children don’t have a warped opinion of different races because they don’t understand the differences yet and we don’t draw attention to it because race doesn’t matter to us. We don’t teach our boys to hate anyone — in fact, “hate” is not a word we even use in our household. They don’t judge anyone for their political beliefs, how they feel about climate change, what clothes they wear, or what new gadgets they have or don’t have. They might be shy around you at first, but after they warm up to you they will more than likely offer you one of their toys to play with because they enjoy sharing. We even made a Christmas gift box for a child over seas this year and let the boys pick out some gifts to put in it — they were so happy and eager to help. The only thing they didn’t understand about it was why they couldn’t go give it to the child right then, themselves.

That is what our world is missing. That totally unbiased, 100% non-judgmental, pure heartfelt desire to give + the genuine urge to do good in the world that only an innocent child truly possesses.

Oh how I wish we could all put aside our differences and just love one another, help each other, and get through this life together.<3