The Twins’ 16 Weeks Gender Reveal!

Soooo yeah, we couldn’t wait until 20 weeks to find out what we were having…so we had a sonogram done today for the gender reveal! Today Alicia is officially 16 weeks, so we were good to go, as long as the twins would cooperate!

Our appointment was at 10 this morning and we were both excited to finally find out what they were! They started out being stubborn (I’m pretty sure they get that from their mom, but you don’t have to tell her I said that) but after a few minutes of moving Alicia’s stomach around the technician finally got them to move.

16 Week Sonogram - Gender Reveal!

Baby A was up first. All along I have said that Baby A was 100% definitely a boy…and I was right! And boy was he rambunctious! The technician said “whew, I think he’s probably going to give you fits once you start feeling them!” lol.

Next came Baby B, and it was much much more calm! It was pretty much just laid back, chilling. She finally got  a good view of its goods, and yep, another boy!! Of course we would have loved to have had a boy and a girl, but we were still super excited when we found out we were having 2 boys! I told Alicia that I’ve been outnumbered by her and Sophie for too long, now it’s time that the men took back over our household, haha!

No one knew that we were going for this sonogram today, but we invited both sets of our parents over for dinner at our house tonight with the purpose of revealing what we found out today. Alicia baked cupcakes and put some blue food coloring in the center of them.

Making Our Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Gender Reveal Cupcakes, Finished

We’ve got pink candles and blue candles for them to make their guesses as to what which twin will be what. My parents are out of town though, but were able to video chat with them so that they could be there with us too! We had each person make their choice as to what they thought each twin would be first. Alicia’s dad was the only person to have guessed tonight that both of the twins were boys, lol.

My Parents via Skype

It has been a fantastic day, man. I always knew that I would be excited about having kids whenever the time finally came, but I didn’t realize JUST HOW excited I would be! This whole process of their growth and actually seeing them all along the way is seriously mind-blowing. Life is amazing, every step of the way.

Annnd for the finale, here’s the ultrasound video from today’s visit! Play Video

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