10 Weeks 2 Days!

So today we had our first appointment with our regular doctor! Our appointment was for 8:30 am and it was soooo nice to not have to get up super early and drive an hour to the appointment, lol.

Since this was our first visit here since we’ve been pregnant, we were able to have a sonogram today and we got to hear the twins’ heartbeats for the first time! I have to say, that was one of the most overwhelmingly amazing things I’ve ever experienced! I mean, I’ve known for 6 weeks that there were 2 babies in there, but hearing those tiny (and fast) heartbeats really  made it sink in! I mean, there are 2 tiny humans growing in there! Whoa, haha. That being said, I am still so flipping excited! lol.

Back to today’s visit: Baby A decided to start breakdancing for us this time during the sonogram — I guess he/she had to show out this time since the last time Baby B did, lol. It was good to see them both moving around and hear that both heartbeats were still strong! Baby A’s heartbeat was 178 and Baby B’s was 165, and both were measuring right around 11 weeks (though we’re only at 10 weeks 2 days). For now, our due date is still set for February 26th. As for the overall status of the twins, both babies seem to be perfectly healthy and growing as they should, and we are soooo very thankful (that’s not a strong enough word) for that! Because we have twins we’ll have to have more checkups (and possibly more  sonograms, score!), so we’ve got another appointment scheduled for 2 weeks from now!

In the meantime, today’s photos are posted below:

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