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10 Reasons Dads Should NEVER Be Allowed to “Babysit” Their Own Kids

Jun 11, 2015 | Dadvice, Family

My wife shared a post on Facebook the other day of an article stating that everyone should stop calling it “babysitting” when dad’s have their kids without mom being around. She and I are on the same page when it comes to all of this — we share the responsibilities of our kids (and everything else in our lives) because we are a team. When it comes to kids though, we are both parents — not a mom and a babysitter, but a mom and a dad.

But hey, I totally get it, guys. Dads are awful at caring for our kids. You should never trust that we’ll take care of them because it just won’t happen. If you don’t believe me, just see the examples below:

1. Dads CAN. NOT. be trusted to hold fragile babies.


2. There’s no way we can feed a baby. Especially 2 of them at once.


3. If you think we can dress our kids, you’d be badly mistaken. There’s absolutely no way we could ever make them look cool or match at all.


4. We are 100% incapable of encouraging artistic creativity in our little ones.


5. Or teaching them about music appreciation.



6. Or really,  teaching them anything — like working with them on their shapes and colors, or working on learning how to read and spell.

Shapes & Colors

7. We definitely could never possibly get our own kids down for nap by ourselves.


8. We simply DO NOT possess the ability to make our kids happy in any way at all.

fun fun-1

9. Seriously. Zero fun can be had with us. For really reals.


10. See what I mean? Dads are basically just useless at parenting.